Should you buy an air purifier with ionizer or without ionizer?

Many air cleaners nowadays are equipped with an ionizer. Many of our visitors ask us what an ionizer is. There is also a lot of confusion about the operation of an ionizer: how does an ionizer help to improve the air quality in your home or office? The question whether buying an air purifier with or without an ionizer makes more sense is often asked.

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What is an ionizer?

An ionizer is a device used to clean air by ionizing it. There are manufacturers that offer separate ionizers. However, many air cleaners contain a built-in ionizer. An ionizer in an air purifier has a number of advantages. In the end it is of course about clean and healthy air: and an air purifier with ionizer takes care of that. A more in-depth explanation of an ionizer is available here.

Fine dust and air pollution can be a major risk to your health. Various scientific studies show time and again that inhaling particulate matter can lead to problems with the respiratory system. Particulate matter is also associated with a number of other pulmonary diseases.

Fortunately, you can filter and remove harmful particulate matter from the air indoors with a good air purifier. Especially people with lung diseases, asthma, COPD and patients who suffer from dust alleries due to air pollution of particulate matter will benefit greatly from reducing the harmful particulate matter in their environment. You can read more about ions in the environment here. Ions in Nature

Due to its specific action aimed at the electrical charging of air particles, an ionizer extracts much more pollution from the air than an air purifier with only a filtering system. The ionizer extracts polluted air particles from the air that a filter often allows to pass through. Think for example of fine dust, pollen and dust mites. The ionizer also removes bacteria, fungi and viruses from the air.

Especially people with a hypersensitivity to certain bacteria or substances benefit from an air purifier with ionizer. The ionizer removes these particles from the air so you will have fewer complaints. People with hay fever and asthma also benefit from an air purifier with an ionizer function. They have quickly irritated airways due to the smallest contaminants in the air. But even if you are just looking for a good air purifier, an air purifier with ionizer is of course a good choice.

How does an air purifier work with ionizer?

An ionizer ensures by means of a fine needle that oxygen molecules obtain an electrical charge. The needle that makes the molecules electric is under high voltage (but has a low wattage) and is safely built into the ionizer. The needle makes the air charged by transferring electrons to the air particles.

When the oxygen molecules are electrically charged, they bond with polluted air particles. These compounds then settle in the vicinity of the air purifier with ionizer. The precipitated particles do not form a contaminant in the air and the air is clean and of healthy quality.

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